Navy League of Canada - Lanark Branch

Lanark Branch

The movement to establish a Sea Cadet corps in Lanark County originated with a group of concerned citizens in Almonte in 1966 led by Mr. Len Hampton, Sr. A charter was granted to the Lanark Branch of the Navy League of Canada on March 23, 1967. By the summer, a cadre of officers had been assembled and cadets recruited. The charter for Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps 211 LANARK was issued June 2, 1967.

The corps operated out of a school gymnasium until 1968 when the “Old Soap Factory” at 179 Reserve Street in Almonte became home. RCSCC LANARK blossomed over the next few years and in the mid 1970’s grew briefly to over 100 cadets. However, financial and staffing challenges affected the corps and the numbers dwindled during the late 1970’s.

In 1981 the corps moved to Carleton Place into the former Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment armouries at 137 John Street. The financing was much improved as a result of an active and dedicated Navy League Branch. The corps solidified and the enrolment began to increase once more.

    Our present location 137 John St.

The facilities at 137 John Street were owned by the town of Carleton Place. The Navy League had entered into a 15 year lease for certain parts of the building and on specific time slots. In subsequent years the building was shared with Day Care and a Nursery School Program. It became apparent to the Navy League that it would be prudent to secure facilities of their own. The Navy League embarked on an aggressive Building Fund project. With one weekly bingo in each of the towns of Almonte and Carleton Place, an annual bottle drive on the first Saturday in January, two Tag Days each year in the towns of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth and Smith Falls, and even in Kanata in the 1980’s, and with chocolate bar sales, raffle tickets, etc., the League was able to create a substantial building fund without compromising support of the Sea Cadet program.

When the building became available in 1993, as the day care and nursery school programs moved to other locations, the Navy League was in a position to purchase the land and building. Major renovations were required including new furnaces, shower rooms, and hot water heating in the basement area. Because of the foresight and diligence of Navy League members, we have a home for our youth program.

In August 1995, the Navy League explored the possibilities of a Navy League cadet program for the 9 to 12 age group. It was agreed to proceed with the development of a corps and to seek a charter.  The Charter for the Navy League Cadet Corps 181 CARLPLACE was granted on January 30, 1996.