A wide variety of activities, there is sure to be something for everyone!


NLCC Carlplace

The Carlplace Navy League Cadet Corps helps young Canadians between the ages of 9-12 learn life skills including citizenship, teamwork and self-discipline. Throughout their training, Navy League Cadets learn what good leadership looks like, how to work together, and how to overcome challenges.


RCSCC Lanark

The Lanark Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps provides opportunities for young Canadians aged 12-18 to learn about teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication as they transition to adulthood. They grow to be self-aware, self-sufficient leaders with an invested interest in their communities. 


Lanark Branch

The Navy League Lanark Branch is the community-based, volunteer-led organization, that ensure the smooth functioning and sustainability of both the Carlplace NLCC and the Lanark RCSCC within our community.

Tag, you’re it! Navy League Tag Days​ Every year, the Navy League organizes an important fundraising event called “Tag Days,” which provides an excellent opport

an ocean of experience awaits

Cadets has provided such an engaging environment that not only fostered personal growth and skill development but also instilled a sense of confidence and community in my child.
Seeing the growth and commitment from these kids is what has kept me engaged in this program for so many years.
I can't help out all the time, but know that when I can, it's for a program that positively impacts the lives of young individuals and contributes to a brighter future.