Earn High School Credits Through Cadets


In collaboration with the Upper Canada District School Board’s (UCDSB) Co-operative Education Program, cadets can earn two credits per training year, up to a max of four credits. 

The program is pretty straightforward: once cadets are registered, they earn credits through a combination of their work, participation, and attendance in various cadet activities, including both mandatory and optional training. For every 90 hours dedicated to cadet-related activities, one credit can be awarded.

What sets this program apart is its flexibility. The credits cadets earn are tailored to match their individual interests and level of involvement. For instance, they can earn Physical Education credits, History credits, Music credits, or any other relevant subject credits based on the activities they regularly engage in as part of their cadet journey.

In addition to their active participation, cadets will also complete pre-placement assignments and maintain a monthly journal entry, enhancing their
learning experience and demonstrating their commitment to personal growth and development. 

The Co-op program empowers young cadets to not only excel in their naval pursuits but also in their academic endeavors. Interested cadets should consult with their guidance counsellors to ensure the program is a right fit for their pathway.